#oh fuck no why is this happening #since there’s no accompanying dialogue i’m going to make up my own scenario #they spend their college years visiting each other and spending time together and skirting around the possibility of a relationship #they date other people on occasion and never seem to talk about what they want from each other #here they are - three months from graduation #quinn has a job offer in london but she’s not sure if she should take it because london is an ocean away #she can’t just give rachel a pack of airline tickets she just doesn’t have the means #but quinn can’t leave with all of her feelings so the night before she levels with rachel #tells her everything about how she spent her high school years wanting to be good enough for rachel’s heart #spends her college years allowing herself the pleasure of imagining a life with her #quinn lays out all her cards but leaves out the one about london #rachel responds favorably and they spend the night together #it’s… better than anything quinn could’ve ever imagined #but if there’s one bad habit quinn has trouble letting go of it’s self-sabotage #so when rachel drives quinn to the train station quinn drops the bomb: she’s going to london after she graduates #’and you’re not coming with me rachel because broadway is your heart and you’re going to be a star and—’ #’not without you!’ #quinn takes a deep breath #’you’re happier now than i could ever make you.’ #(two weeks later rachel breaks into quinn’s apartment kisses her and quietly says #’please give yourself a chance to try.’) #faberry #otp: whenever you’re ready #char: musically promiscuous #char: let’s pray

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