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Warehouse 13 Agents Skimmons verse - Skye did bring the neutralizing goo, she was just really tired that she forgot she even grabbed it.

Now I want a Bering and Wells and Skimmins AU. Skye and H.G. chatting about the good old days before they were on this side of the law. Jemma and Myka are busy working the task at hand but they catch each other smiling in their partners’ direction.

They share a look of indulgent amusement and affection because they fell for the “bad girls.” And while Skye and Helena will never toe the line like a good soldier, they have a hidden nobleness of heart and a truly inspiring capacity for love.

But it is these traits that Myka and Jemma love most, these were the ones that terrified their partners beyond reason. And those good old days were never truly easier- not the constant running or screaming for answers into a void- but those were the days before they allowed themselves to hold on to something and ask, and beg, and pray that it was never taken away. A home. A love. A family.

#i dunno. someone give me fic before i add it to the neverending list

no. shan’t. 


#but like there are times that Jemma takes HG’s side #mostly anything centered on tea #Americans just don’t know how to make a proper cup of tea #And Skye and Myka roll their eyes at their British counterparts #whenever they go off on the merits of Earl Grey #and how rubbish their choices are here in America.


Helena was seated comfortably on the Bus, reading one of the many volumes of literature recommended to her since her return from the bronze, when the young agent presented her with a silver and black cardboard box and a self-satisfied smirk.

"What’s this, then?" She took the box and read the label, noting the apparent brand of whatever product it contained before Skye answered.

"It’s tea.  Earl Grey.  Actual Earl Grey."

Helena raised her eyebrow and gave the box another once-over.  ”Is it, now?”

"They sell it at the supermarket, as it turns out.  In the same aisle as coffee."

Helena smiled softly, and inspected the box before opening it.  inside, each tea bag was individually wrapped, like perfect hermetically-sealed little satchels.

"Thank you, darling," she said graciously.  "I’m sure it will be lovely."

Simmons rounded the corner just then, Myka following closely, the two chatting about something on Jemma’s tablet.  When she caught sight of the box in Helena’s hand, she squeaked and dropped the thing.

"How did that swill make it onto this plane?"

Skye looked at Helena, who spared her a glance and a slightly narrowed set of eyes.  ”Swill, you say?”

"Swill.  An american interpretation of an English classic.  Too bold, too bitter.  Nothing like proper Earl Grey."

Skye sighed loudly.  ”Oh, come on.  It says Earl Grey right there on the box.  What’s the difference?”

Myka managed to squelch a squeak, but just barely.  Skye looked over to see the Warehouse agent’s eyes go wide just before she took an involuntary step back.

"Oh, come on, Myka, Simmons isn’t going to do anything.  It’s leaves, for cryin’ out loud.  Leaves with stuff for flavoring put in hot water and mixed with sugar."

"Oh, my darling Skye, she is not worried about Jemma."

The young hacker turned just in time to catch the box as it was tossed back at her.  ”You’ll carry that.  And you’ll carry one proper kettle into the galley and meet me there in five minutes.  Your lesson will begin then.”


"Obviously, you need to go to tea school."

"Oh, come on.  That’s…that’s…"

Jemma stood in the doorway, hands folded over her chest with a very serious and stern glare on her face.  Myka stood with her hand on her face, shaking her head.

"You’re serious."

"Four minutes.  Don’t be late."

Three hours later, halfway to their destination, Myka was sitting in Helena’s vacated spot, re-reading the book she had loaned to the other woman, when Skye walked back in looking a little more…lectured than before.

"I assume you’ve learned never to question the british dedication to tea?"

"It’s not tea.  It’s the leaf of a camellia sinesis, flavored with the oil of a bergamot orange, a blend said to have been made by a Chinese dignitary for the second Earl Grey in the 1830s to offset the lime present in the water at the Grey’s estate.  There are many varieties, only two of which have any claim to authenticity, and about eighteen of which I have made in three different ways over the last three hours.  Did you know that some people think that bringing the kettle to the pot makes a difference in flavor?"

Myka smirked.  ”And does it?”

Skye plopped herself down opposite Myka and huffed.

"I don’t know.  I hate tea."

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"I would die before I let anything happen to you."

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“When students encounter teachers who see things in them that they have not yet discovered in themselves, they remember those teachers. Those teachers helped them become who that they were meant to be. These teachers didn’t train them; they educated them.” Education builds character (via gjmueller)

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" My link to the Collective has been severed for nearly four years. If I die…"

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if it’s modern, i want a fantasy au

if it’s fantasy, i want a modern au

and if it’s merlin based, i want both in the form of reincarnation aus.



accurate representation of tumblr users when gina torres graces their dash

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“This is what frustrates me…People don’t like Sansa because she is feminine. It annoys me that people only like the feminine characters when they act like male characters. And they always go on about feminism. Like, you’re rooting for the people who look like boys, who act like boys, who fight like boys. Root for the girls who wear dresses and are intellectually very strong.” Sophie Turner to TV Guide (via sansasnark)

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Do you know what I want to see?

I wanna see a really cool Disney princess who can’t sing. I wanna see this pretty young girl who sounds like a beached whale when she tries to sing “Happy Birthday.” And none of the musical numbers feature her because she doesn’t sing.

But halfway through the movie, she figures out

She can rap like hell

This post kept getting better and better with every word

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you ever playing a video game and die in such a bullshit way that you need to go lie down for a few hours to recover

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Hipster X-Men / Batman, by Phillip Sevy

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